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After daughter birth, keeping records became quite meaningful. Child is growing, chaning every day, and yesterday's experience remains just in memory. I started with video - that was right - as wonderful sounds and first moves you can keep only in video.

While growing, sounds goes to second priority - so I decided to try making photo. I found photo enthusiasts amoung colleagues and with their advise, collecting all "pros" and "cons" purchased Canon 450. So, became a "Canonist" - anyone choosing a mirror camera maker becomes a hostage since all next things (lenses, flashes, etc.) should be compatible with the camera body.

Number of shots grew, so I got a storage device - for the beginning Dlink, than I moved to Synology.

My favorite book on photography is Digital Photography by Scott Kelby. Easy reading and many "how-to" suggestions on making shots, arranging scenes, equipment, post processing you can get after long practice only.

My photo gallery is here. Enjoy!

P.S. just in case any shots you like - please leave a feedback. You just need to press a button in detailed info section.